Below are some resources that you might find useful at various stages of your pregnancy and new parenthood:

Independent Midwives UK — THE membership organisation for independent midwives in the UK!  It has a useful "find your nearest independent midwife" interactive feature
Nursing & Midwifery Council  

Interesting articles on a variety of topics can be found at:

Association of Radical Midwives  
Association for the Improvement of Maternity Services  (AIMS)  
Homebirth support   
Spinning Babies — Website about optimal fetal positioning  
Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC)   
Sara Wickham — Fab midwife who writes about available research in an accessible, engaging and unbiased way, to help you make informed decisions.  Particularly useful on Vitamin K and Group B Strep, but lots of other subjects too. 
Midwife Thinking — Dr Rachel Reed, Australian midwife, puts the numbers into perspective and talks sense on topics such as VBAC, and lots of other fascinating topics 

A hotchpotch of useful links:

The Positive Birth Movement — Find local groups and events, make friends and learn lots of useful stuff about birth   
Birthrights —  Human rights in childbirth 
National Childbirth Trust —  Antenatal classes and so forth  
Which? Birth Choice — Have a look at your local options  
Antenatal Results and Choices  (ARC)  - Information and support about screening tests in pregnancy 
The Daisy Foundation — Antenatal and postnatal yoga classes and birth preparation
TAMBA Twins and Multiple Births Association   
Jill Irving — Private Health Visitor in Norfolk   
Mumsnet — Online community, full of information, support and chat  

Breastfeeding and Tongue-Tie links:

Breastfeeding Network —  Masses of useful information here, including information on medications, thrush etc 
Lactation Consultants of Great Britain — Specialist breastfeeding support and information. Includes a search feature to find your nearest lactation consultant 
La Leche League —  Breastfeeding support and information 
Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners — Includes a search feature to find your nearest practitioner

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