Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, every baby is different! So, as this is a bespoke service which is designed to meet your needs, I am flexible in the care packages I offer. However, to give you an idea of what is available I have outlined here some typical services. If you can't see what you're looking for, please contact me for a chat about it.


I offer a free no-commitment initial meeting which takes place in your home, so that we can sit down together over a leisurely cup of tea to discuss your requirements and find out a little bit about each other.  This gives you an opportunity to see whether you think I might be the right midwife for you, and to ask me any questions you may have. 

Of course, midwives are all different too, and you need to feel confident and comfortable with your choice.

After the meeting, I will ask you to discuss it with your partner over a day or two, and then get in touch with me to let me know whether you wish to proceed with booking my services.

Thank you so much for all your love and support throughout the pregnancy, birth and our son's early days. Your knowledge and advice has been invaluable, and you helped make what could have been a very clinical birth the most precious experience of our lives.

Services - Antenatal Care
Antenatal appointments take place in the comfort of your own home, at times which suit you.  This can be during normal office hours, or evenings and weekends if that works better for you.  I am very happy for your partner and children to be present at appointments, because this is all about bringing a new little person into your family, and I love it when everybody feels involved. 

Antenatal appointments usually take around an hour……the reason they are so much longer than NHS appointments is that they are unhurried.  There is plenty of time not only to carry out the necessary physical checks to make sure that you and your baby are well, but also for you to discuss anything you wish to, and just to have a general chat.  The antenatal appointments are really important, because this is the time we build the trusting relationship which is so crucial when it comes to your labour and birth of your baby.

If for any reason you are also under the care of an obstetrician during your pregnancy, I can usually attend hospital appointments with you, if that is your preference, and help you to negotiate a plan of care that you are happy with.

Thank you so much for being so wonderfully supportive to all our needs on our journey to grow, nurture and bring our baby into the world. We are so full of gratitude for all your care and reassurance.
Antenatal Care

Home Birth

Services - Labour and Birth Care

If you are planning to have your baby at home I will bring a box of equipment (nothing dramatic!) to your house a few weeks before your baby is due.  I have other equipment to bring in from the car when you go into labour, so it saves one trip outside if a few useful things are already at your house. 

I have a birth pool which I am happy to lend to clients, though you would have to buy a new liner for it.

I am on call for your labour 24/7 from when you are 37 weeks' pregnant until whenever your baby is born, will attend you and provide clinical care for you during your labour, and after you baby's birth I will stay with you until I am sure that both you and your baby are well and comfortable (usually about 3 hours after the birth).

We can't thank you enough for your calm, patient and kind care and support, pre and post birth, and for enabling us to have a fabulous and empowering home birth!

Hospital Birth

If you are planning to give birth in hospital I will be on call for you 24/7 from the time you are 37 weeks' pregnant.  If you wish I can be with you at home to provide support in the early stages of labour, and then move to hospital with you as your labour progresses.  Alternatively, I can meet you at the hospital when you are admitted. 

As I am not employed by any of the hospitals in East Anglia I cannot provide clinical care in the hospital setting, but will remain with you as advocate and supporter throughout your labour. 

Many women have found it reassuring to have a qualified midwife that they know and trust, and who is fully conversant with their birth plan, beside them throughout their labour and birth.  After your baby is born (or babies, perhaps!) I will stay with you at the hospital either until you are discharged home (if you are requesting an early discharge) or until you are transferred to the postnatal ward. 

I can give assistance with breastfeeding if required, and attend to your non-clinical general needs, such as helping you to the shower.


Sometimes the "Home or Hospital?" decision is a difficult one to make!  If this is how you feel then we can prepare for a home birth but keep an open mind.  Then, if when you're in labour you decide that you would prefer to be in hospital, then that's where we'll go, but if you feel relaxed and happy at home and would rather stay there, everything is in place and ready for your baby to be welcomed into the world at home.  Your options can stay open!

I'm so glad you were part of our experience of bringing our baby girl into the world. It was so lovely and gentle and calm - the whole experience. Your confidence and relaxed and trusting approach to the beauty and normality of birth was very much welcomed and helped me enjoy the whole time.
Labour and birth care

Services - post natal care
I usually visit until your baby is four weeks old.  This is particularly useful if you are breastfeeding for the first time as it can take a little while for both you and your baby to get the hang of it.  Initially I visit daily then, when both you and I are happy to, gradually reduce the frequency of my visits until the point where you are confident to be discharged from midwifery care. 

Throughout this first month with your baby I am available to you 24/7 for phone consultations and additional visits, if required.  I can provide useful hints and tips on feeding and caring for your baby and your postnatal self, and have electronic scales to weigh the baby periodically, to make sure that he or she is thriving.  When it comes to discharging you from midwifery care I shall ensure a smooth handover to your health visitor.

The support during the first days and weeks after the birth was one of the most valuable things to us as first-time parents. Nicky gave us all the right advice and help we needed since she knew us so well after many months of working with her. We are very grateful to her for helping us have a home birth when we didn't think it was a possible option for us.


Postnatal Care

Services - Fee
As this care is designed around your needs, much depends on what services you decide to book.  However, to give you an idea, my full care package (antenatal, labour and birth, and postnatal care) costs from £3500.  What I promise, though, is that whatever fee we agree at the beginning of our professional relationship is what it will stay…. no sneaky extras creeping in!  The only exceptions to this are 1) if I need to engage an additional midwife for the birth, for example if you find out that you are expecting twins, or 2) if we agree a fixed number of visits, but in the event you need or want more. 

Here are some of my statistics from when I first started my independent practice, back in March 2008, until the end of December 2016. I find statistics fascinating, and I hope they're of interest to you too.

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